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Regional Director Training

We are looking for Regional Directors for The Alpha Group. Not only in Bulgaria but for other cities around the Globe too!

What is The Alpha Group?

The Alpha Group brings together entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer exchange and support in a unique, member-driven experience. Business owners and Managing Directors worldwide can be part of an exclusive group of qualified executives to brainstorm strategies, and realize the potential of increasing profit and growth.

Top professionals have teamed up with Noble Manhattan, a well-established leader in the coaching industry, and are anxious to take your success to the next level. Our Alpha Group Directors are specifically trained through The Alpha GOLD™ business growth strategies which can be applied to every aspect of any business.

The Alpha Group has two goals – to assist its members to

1) double the value of their business and

2) dominate their sector of the market – within two to three years.

The Alpha Group is the most effective business growth tool available.

Peer-to-peer mastermind advisory boards targeted at business owners and managers helping them continue to thrive and to make it to the “next level” wherever that may be for them.

This is not for the faint hearted, if you are serious about dominating your market and doubling your Value in two years, The Alpha Group is the right place for you.

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What does a Regional Director do?

As The Alpha Group Director (TAGD) / Licensee, you will be entitled to:

  • A protected postcode region in which you are the only Licensee
  • Full rights to trade under The Alpha Group Noble Manhattan brand name
  • Comprehensive initial 5 day training which will fully equip you to market and build your group
  • Quarterly regional training days
  • On-going advice and support to help you run your group effectively
  • Regular one-to-one coaching/mentoring with members of our Professional Advisory Board
  • A detailed Operations Manual which outlines how to run your group
  • A tailor-made manual of Marketing & Sales techniques to create a fantastic business
  • A powerful handbook on the unique ALPHA GOLD™ strategic process, which will guarantee your members a three-times increase in the value of their company over three years
  • Branded business cards, letterheads and marketing material
  • An interactive website to help you generate business
  • An online resource and community centre
  • Monthly sales and marketing sessions via conference calls
  • Access to a password protected area on www.members.the-alpha-group.biz , the portal for all The Alpha Group material

Licensing applications are dealt with on a case by case basis . We are looking for self-motivated people of all ages and walks of life who have a passion for helping people. Click here.

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10 Great Reasons to Join The Alpha Group

These are just a few of the top benefits you can get out of your monthly mastermind meetings and your new extended board:

  • Enjoy support to help develop and crystallize your company vision
  • Brainstorm strategies and sharpen your focus for long-term benefits
  • Tackle hairy current issues with advice from experienced, like-minded business leaders
  • Learn new techniques and skills for creative problem-solving leading to a broader perspective
  • Open your eyes to new alternative management methods
  • Acknowledge that your issues need not be faced alone and decisions have been fully investigated
  • Revel in your new board of advisers who will become friends and mentors but most importantly, they will hold you accountable
  • Accept the help you can get to make decisions necessary to lead your business to where you want it
  • Thrive on renewed optimism and motivation
  • Keep on learning, giving and growing

If you would like to apply to be a member of The Alpha Group click here.

for more information contact:

Katrin.Prentice@the-alpha-group.biz (Bulgarian / English)

Brian.Prentice@the-alpha-group.biz (English)