As many of you know, although we have a fixed retail price for our courses worldwide, we also just like any good university or college would, offer bursaries and Accreditation for Prior Learning.

We do this by assessing the needs and circumstances of each of our individual students. When we give out our bursary discounts, the amount of the discount not only depends on your bursary application but also depends on what funds we have available at that time.

As you possibly know our accounting year runs from 1 January to the end of December. Over the last five or six months a number of students have been granted a bursary and for various reasons have not decided to go ahead with their course. These bursaries have now been collected in and have to be used up by the end of the year. It is quite difficult for the accounting department to carry things forward to the next year. They like to start each year with a clean start. This means that right now, we have quite a lot of bursary to give away- but it’s dropping every single day. Last week it was €66,000 . Due to the fantastic response of people applying for bursaries we now had  €25,449. Now as of the 13th of December it’s at €18,741 – And once it’s gone, it’s GONE! Although there will be bursaries available next year. Right at this moment in time, we can be a little bit more generous than we normally would. If you are interested in Training as a Professional Coach then Don’t miss this Great opportunity. Contact Katrin (Bulgarian / English)+359 88 44 19 867 or Brian (English) +359 88 44 11 954