Два дни – Две обучения с Доайена на коучинга в Европа

Заповядайте на “Уикенд с Джерард О’Донован“:
на 22/03 (събота) Въведение в Коучинг Обучение и
на 23/03 (неделя) Business Building Day “Изграждането на Успешна Бизнес Практика”

Attend a unique one day seminar by Gerard O’Donovan on setting up and building your professional coaching practice.

When: 23 March, 20149.30 am – 5:00 pm

Where: Sofia, Hill Tower Business Center, ул. Джерймс Баучер 76А, ет.3, залата на Брейн Тръст

It’s one thing to get trained as a coach. It is yet another thing to build a successful coaching business!

Gerard has helped more coaches than anyone else in Europe to build a successful practice. As someone who has trained well over 9000 professional coaches in 27 countries, there is no one in a better position to show you how to build and grow a thriving and financially rewarding coaching practice

If you are:
• Hungry for new clients!
• Anxious about achieving greater success!
• Dreaming of bigger profits!
• Eager to enjoy an explosion of recognition and respect!
• Ready for a new found sense of satisfaction!
• Pumped up about transforming your business and your life …
… then this is the one business development seminar you should consider.

Gerard will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful thriving professional coaching practice.

Gerard will cover the key points that all great coaches need to know to set up a financially thriving practice.

At the end of this seminar, you’ll come away with:

• A complete list of essential tools to get started immediately in your coaching
• A complete list of essential tools to get started immediately in your coaching business … and specific knowledge to use these tools for maximum effectiveness
• A thorough understanding of effective communication … and an immediate plan of action
• The key specifically how to catapult your earnings to skyward, as far as you wish to go!


Attention: 50 % discount
for all of Noble Manhattan “Family”
– that includes anyone who has ever had any contact with us in the past,
has attended any events, such as the Introduction to Coach Training Day,
or comes to our monthly coaching support groups, or has trained on one of our courses.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Ticket fee includes training cost, room rental, coffee breaks and refreshments, seminar materials.
Free access to internet is also provided.

The training is delivered in English!

Don’t wait to reserve your place for this fantastic event.          Please contact the office NOW.

Entrance Fee:
standard ticket 250 EUR+vat (i.e. 300 EUR in total )

Entrance Fee
for Noble Manhattan “Family”
50% discount – 125 EUR+vat (i.e. 150 EUR in total)

By e-mail: bulgaria@noble-manhattan.com
By phone: