A few days ago Noble Manhattan were delighted to sign a partnership contract with Danubius University — http://www.univ-danubius.ro

We have been in discussions with them for many- many months and at long last it all came together earlier last week.

This is very exciting for all of us here at Noble Manhattan.

Danubius University are a very well established and highly thought of University, currently transacting business in many parts of the world from their base in Galati in eastern Romania.

They are partners with Acadia University in Philadelphia and other universities in Singapore, Malaysia etc. with a substantial worldwide reach within the academic world.

It means two things
1) all of our coach training programmes will now be endorsed and approved by Danubius University
2) we are now going to jointly work on creating a “Masters in Coaching Program” which again will be approved by universities all over the world.

More information will be coming out over the coming weeks in various press releases etc.