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You get up early in the morning – coffee, jam, office, then home. Meanwhile, cigarettes, eating, gossiping with colleagues.

You are not sure how after 1-2-5 years, it will lead to the success you dream about.

The career I love offers you an extremely practical and purposeful training on VISION, PURPOSE AND PLAN . It will help you plan your career, set a meaningful goal, and make sure you do it, so in time, say,

“You deserved it completely!”

After the training:

  • You have energy , clarity where you go and how to get there
  • You have a goal that inspires, motivates and you can realize
  •  You are confident that you will achieve your goals and know what the way to do it with your account
  •  You have a working plan for career change or development
  •  You know how to organize your day , your week and your year, so yes
  •  Achieve more , with better quality and less time

More ancient Greeks have discovered that a person is genuinely happy when he realizes an important goal for him. But how can this happen among so many distractions and countless development techniques that flood us from everywhere? 

You want to have the career you are dreaming about, but you do not know where to start – which company or position to target, but above all, how to achieve what you want. Techniques for self-help and walking on fire seem to be insufficient.

That is why learning VISION, PURPOSE AND PLAN of the career I love gives you:



coping with limiting models and tuning for a deep level of success


the best practical knowledge of how to set, plan, and realize goals – shared by champions who use it to be the best




All the great creations, impressive successes, and what makes you proud with yourself, start in your imagination and only then realize.

Do you see the goal and the path with clarity? We help you to do that. 



And how often do you deal with things that do not move you to the goal, are not related to your priorities, and they do not develop you?

You can do only a part of it And focus on what’s important to you, as you move forward. We teach you how.



How often do you have a goal you do not achieve? Do you feel that something is wrong with setting goals?

We offer you a working set-up system that really helps you achieve them.



As long as goals are not fulfilled, double more outstanding plans.

Have you heard of a person who is flexible enough to keep spontaneity and realize his plans? It’s you, after learning VISION, PURPOSE AND PLAN of the Career I Love.


● Interactive presentation of knowledge about VISION, OBJECTIVE AND PLAN, gathered over 10 years of experience in training programs and consulting international organizations and Fortune 500 companies

● Preview that puts your mind in a special setting and helps you focus

● Interactive games to deepen your learning and the ability to apply it, to see where you are difficult and to cope with the challenges

● Transforming restrictive models with NLP practices

● Our secret ingredient – “training” the motivation formula created by the Nobel Prize winner. Who is it and what is the formula you will understand during the training

● Getting to know, creating useful contacts and community to support and exchange information


Ancient Yogic Visualization and Relaxation Technique that helps you program your mind to look for a way to the goal

5 The principle of setting objectives you achieve – without being boring, unnatural or ineffective

Method of goal evaluation – so you really do it

4 Practices for the realization of each goal

5 simple and workable time and attention management practices

Success matrix – how to adjust when you have no energy and motivation


All this is the result of exploring the best in the world of business and personal development and tested by over 1,000 customers from over 8 countries.


The training begins in the hall and continues in our system for maintaining and tracking results – an online platform with training materials and tools for their implementation.

After learning, you get:

A personal project to build a plan related to the development of your key success story The Way of Dreams game, which leads you to achieve one of your goals Access to an online learning platform with materials to support and expand the achievements, as well as to a society of waking and successful people who come true with their dreams – participants from all our events


Place: Move.Bg, Serdika Street 20


Workshop price:

Early booking price  up to 15.03.2019 – 120lv 

Price for registration  after 15.03.2019 – 150lv 

* Pre-enrollment is a prerequisite for participation

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Elitsa Kostova

“I believe the way forward is in realizing personal potential and a broader understanding of what a career is.”


Borislav Nikolaev

“I am filled with inspiration and satisfaction when I support people in the process of self-realization and realization of their essence.”

Elitsa is the founder of the Career Guide Company, coach, international business consultant and author of training programs.

She is a certified life coach to Noble Manhattan with over 1,000 hours of practice, an NLP practitioner, a Master in Education and Training Management. It is inspired by the satisfaction of the achievements of the people with whom it works, and by merging East and West into work and personal life.

Elitsa works as a business consultant and trainer with Dubai developers and one of the largest consortia in Belgium. In every context, he discovers that it is precisely the approach that is holistic and includes reason, emotions and values ​​that give the best results.


Borislav has been developing a variety of activities in the field of education for 12 years.

He is a graduate psychologist and founder of the FulFeel initiative, which aims at building an effective and sustainable system of career guidance and professional development in Bulgaria.

He has managed two international business programs in Paris and has developed training software for some of the world’s largest companies – British American Tobacco, Veolia Waters and Barclays. He has been a consultant for strategic development of many organizations and educational institutions in France for more than 8 years.

Volunteer in several Sustainable Development Initiatives, including the Finnish Platform for Innovation in Education, Hundred.

Katrin Prentice

Accredited Master Coach,

Managing Director of Noble Manhattan Coaching Europe CE

Founder of Palitri International Ltd. The Noble Manhattan Coaching Master Distributor for the Balkan Region.

Katrin is among the first accredited master coaches in Eastern Europe. She is a lifestyle and executive coach with many years of experience and over 3000+ hours of practice with both individual and corporate clients. and helps clients with casework related to work / life balance, career challenges, relationships with others, time management, success in the workplace, well-being of the spirit and the building, making important decisions, and so on.

She lived 7 years in Hungary and 12 years in Romania. Her life and professional path leads through 26 different countries, donating it with rich cultural experience and practice in a multinational environment. She has participated as a lecturer and organizer of training’s in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, etc., on topics related to personal counseling, internal organizational coaching, development of human potential , PR, and management of nonprofit teams.

What our players share

“I would recommend any known seeker of self-realization and his vocation. Unique setting with wonderful lecturers entering into detail, teamwork and constant feedback. Cozy atmosphere with meticulous feelings of details (rare), creating a friendly environment, dedication and giving maximum value. Thanks for the experience.”

Dimitar Apostolov

a participant in “Призванието” 2019